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Definition of being LIBERATED:

1. Showing freedom from social conventions or traditional ideas

2. Showing freedom from imprisonment

Today’s blog is about being liberated.

There are a lot of social conventions and traditional ideas that say that women have to follow some weird list of rules that society has made up regarding wearing a swimsuit, especially wearing a two piece swimsuit.

Have you ever heard of these?

  • You cannot wear a two piece swimsuit past the age of 35
  • You cannot show stretch marks
  • You cannot have cellulite
  • You cannot show your scars (especially from c-sections)
  • You must cover your nipples, they aren’t to be seen through a swimsuit (referring to headlights)
  • Your body must match a magazine model's body type for you to look good and be accepted

AND this one really gets me: If you aren’t happy with your body, then you should hide it behind a mumu or some other oversized frock, in fact, you should be ashamed of yourself … blah blah blah

I am tired of the things I have heard over the years that have restricted women.

I am tired of women not questioning the above societal norms.

In some families, women have taught some of these mis-truths to their daughters, and their daughters, and their daughters. 

ALL OF THE ABOVE rob women of doing what they should be doing from the very start ...

embracing their God given gift, their incredible body.


  • Did that body have a baby?
  • Did that body take you through an IRONMAN TRIATHLON?
  • Did that body recover from a sickness/illness?

It is time to honor it. SHIFT your mind to care for it. LOVE on it.

Speak kindly about your body. ALWAYS.

ESPECIALLY the silent words in your head, the ones no one else hears.

I can pretty much guarantee that you wouldn’t dare say those nasty things to others …. so why are you saying to those things to yourself?

I am sure you get the point.

Liberate yourself.

Set yourself free.

Wear the two piece.

Wear the one piece.

Wear the thing that sets you free.

Wear the thing that makes you feel like a warrior in it because you overcame the self talk BS.

You Do You.

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