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This is an extremely passionate topic, especially for me as I have trained in and competed in 7 different water sports throughout my life.

The battle is about money and integrity.

I say that because the academic establishments and sports organizations that have allowed men--who want to call themselves women--were given money to do so. “Follow the money” is not just an off the cuff saying. It is real.

This is a bullying tactic.

When the public is constantly peppered with nonsense, confused and diverted to uphold the cruel agenda of the elites to beat the common man into submission, then that is exactly what powerful people who want to control the population do. Study socialism and Communism (Russia, China, and Cuba) to understand true oppression.

Each of the above examples has left a trail of the “long game” for which each ruler planned to manipulate its population over time. It is done slowly over years, and eventually people start to believe the untruths and no longer question them.

This is the ultimate control by the elites.

I give these examples because our media, now controlled by China and the current administration, continues to pump out lies (notice they are NEVER held accountable) and get very intelligent citizens to go along with abandoning their moral code, integrity, REAL science, and common sense.

Males will never be anything more than MALE.
Females will always remain FEMALE.

How you dress or “identify” does not change your biology.
You can even pump it up with hormones and have surgeries, but you still will NEVER change your actual biology.

Women have worked hard for their space and place in sports.

We have accomplished so much.

We have our own sports, we achieved leagues, universities, and Olympic and professional status in our sports.

We have done so only because of the phenomenal women who came before us and paved the path for more. They had the most adversaries (those who didn’t believe women could do sports) and did it anyway!

What is happening now is a slap in the face to the history of women’s sports past, present, and future. Our future female athletes are being silenced and taught that their voices don't matter. Their efforts to achieve in sports will now be negated by the simple addition of men being allowed to compete alongside women.

We are NOT the same, nor should we ever be a comparison.

Tell me how having men in women’s sports is good for women’s sports?…. I will wait ….

I never thought we would be having this conversation. I thought it would go away because it is so asinine to think that anyone would support this. However, here we are. It is clear that greed (money) can buy people’s moral compass, common sense, and integrity pretty easily.

I can no longer be silent.

Here at this company, we stand for women and their sports to remain as they always have been.


And we won’t apologize for it.

God did not make mistakes.

We stand for the truth in women’s sports.

Stephanie Havelka
Founder * Innovator * Swimsuit Engineer
Kandu Sport Company
Premiere Product : SportKini

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