A Water Champion

“Growing up swimming, I was very accustomed to the lame choices a swimmer had. At 14, I was reaching the age of wanting to be stylish and there was nothing flattering or stylish about my boring athletic swimsuits. They didn’t always work and wore out quickly. It was at this time I decided to start sketching swimsuits.

Fast forward 20 years. I was now involved in 6 different water sports with the SAME choices for a swimsuit. How was that possible? 20 years had gone by and I still had the SAME predicament. But I still had the same desire to create my own suits.

While training and competing in Australia, I met the #1 swimsuit designer in the country. I asked if she would make some samples from my coveted sketchbook and she said yes! She not only said yes, but she took me under her wing and proceeded to teach me the ins and outs of garment construction. I was SO happy! We made my first 10 samples and I knew from there, I was going forward with this concept. I tested my styles on my other high-level, athletic friends and got their feedback. I adjusted where necessary and kept returning to Australia to learn more. This was my start!

Full Cut - Single Color Sportkini