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Welcome to our house, the house where we do things for us adventure savvy souls who demand better products. We decided to Raise the Bar and develop a Zero Tolerance Policy to faulty, ill-fitting, unflattering swimwear…but why? Simply because you DESERVE BETTER. 

We dared ourselves to stand out, be ourselves, and be different, to not blend in with the others. 

As you will soon find out, wearing a KANDU SPORT swimsuit (from our SportKini or One Piece lines) you will feel confident like never before. 

We dare you, try one.

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Sports bikini in two tones of blue


Done with disintegrating fabric? Our Italian chlorine-resistant fabric is the toughest we can buy, combined with complete finesse, beautiful color, and a soft texture.


Done with poorly constructed, cheaply made suits that lose their fit and shape? Our California made suits are engineered tougher to rise above the rest. We got your back!


Done with suits that ride up, chafe, and won’t stay put? Nothing ruins your game like garment malfunction and wondering where your suit is or is not. That’s UNACCEPTABLE in our world. Find true freedom in our worry-free swimsuits.


Done with boring athletic suits? We are! Instead of settling for the dowdy athletic swimsuit, we invite you into our world of sport chic mixed with your inner badass. Bring it!


We use F-Bombs often


It is not just a word, it’s the way we roll.We are not a one-size-fits-all situation, and we women know it. First, we start by developing all SportKinis’ and one-piece swimsuits around the beautiful curves of your body.


Our standards are HIGH. The suit MUST work otherwise we did not fulfill our promise. Each piece we produce is tested on badass, elite, professional and yes, the multi faceted weekend warrior and adventure seeker who won’t tolerate any less than the best. 


There is an immense amount of freedom that is gained when you have confidence in your swimsuit. It is super important that there be no worrying about your valuable lady parts staying in place. It is an experience that all women secretly desire and most importantly DESERVE. 


No one can deny that the female shape is a masterpiece, it is truly a miracle. It is therefore an honor to embrace your body, take care of it, have fun it, and dress it with beautiful designs and colors. The ultimate step in embracing your body is to flatter it. 

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