W/O underwire, pads, clasps

Sportkini Swimwear

We do this without ...


If you have ever heard Stephanie speak about the garment construction of our line of Sportkini's and One Piece swimsuits, she will say right out of the gate that the tops are made without underwire, cups, pads, or clasps.


1. Because every sporty chick knows that underwires cause problems because they poke and can cause actual damage to the skin and they are uncomfortable.

2. Every Mover & Shaker also knows that cups/pads never stay where they are supposed to and need constant adjusting. Pads are like sponges, and who wants to be slowed down by water-logged sponges in their top?

3. Lastly, clasps. They break easily if made from plastic and they rust when made from metal. If they don't work, the straps will not stay put. Then, we have the inconvenience of the constantly needing to adjust a strap.

Stephanie has a short fuse when it comes to ill-fitting swimwear, and all of the above items did not help the fit AT ALL ... in fact, they hindered her performance and took her mind off of her game.
She found that UNACCEPTABLE.

But the real ah-ha moment for her was when she realized that NONE of her athletic friends, training partners, or competitor friends FELT THE SAME WAY. 

She became determined to do better.

Through a lot of trial and error and research and development, she learned how to construct a garment without all the "added extras" that the swimsuit industry is known to rely on.

We know we have done it -- gone against normal swimsuit construction -- to make what we are truly proud of.

Thank you for being along for the ride with us!

Sportkini Handstand


It is our core philosophy that you should be able to play at any level in your Sportkini, we call that FREEDOM.

Sportkini Surfer


Both of these women are wearing our Ringback Top and Full Cut bottoms. Functional & 100% stylish.

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