Did you know: Our Fabric is Quick Drying

Those of us who are ALWAYS WET, hopping from one water sport to another all summer (or some of us all year) long, training for our next big athletic adventure, often find ourselves going from one swimsuit to another.

Sometimes there isn’t even enough time for a suit to dry before we jump in the water – AGAIN. 

(And let’s be honest–how many of us actually enjoy fighting our way into a wet swimsuit?!? YUCK)

So …

DID YOU KNOW our Italian fabric does not “hold” water and is quick-drying? 

That’s right. Its ease of care keeps it simple and quick for movers and shakers who are doing fast turnarounds between water sessions. It is the perfect fabric – ideal for those of us who are triathletes, or just all-around sport addicts.

Your SportKini does not need to go in the wash. You can literally wear it in the shower, let the soap run down it, wring it out using a towel, and then hang it on a door knob. As long as it’s in a place without direct sunlight, you are good to go! 

Our Triple M, Multiple Mix n’ Match concept of bright and bold colors for our sporty swimsuit tops and bottoms really hits home for us multi-sport peeps. All of our styles are made to “go there”, with you, no matter what! That’s what we’re all about – true performance gear!

Here are a few color options we put together for you to see. 

Have fun picking out your own colors and mixing them up! Express yourself! Show us that body confidence 🙂 

Click the image to get your own quick drying, athletic swimsuit!

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