Did You Know: We make the ordinary EXTRAordinary

We have a motto here: To make the ordinary EXTRAordinary.

There’s some pretty cool stuff IN your SportKini and ABOUT your SportKini that we have shared in this little series. Our goal was to consolidate and present you with all of the little secrets you may not have known about. And yeah … they’re pretty awesome 🙂

Speaking of which, have you found your “panty art”?

HAH. Got you again!

Notice that there are no tags in your swimsuit tops or bottoms. All of the care information is presented in positive affirmations … so go now and look in your SportKini bottoms for the “Panty Art” … it’ll make for a fun read, wink! wink!

No Tags

We found tags to be mundane, itchy, and troublesome, especially when they are constantly irritating your skin. So we took a special step in our production process and printed the size in for you. No more tags, no more itching, no more trying to figure out how to cut them out without creating even more of a hassle! We’ve got you 🙂

Care Label Reimagined 

Care Labels are SO hard to read–that teeny tiny print, and if you don’t know the symbol codes it’s more than confusing. So we did things our way. Goodbye classic care label. Hello … well go take a look!

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